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Palestrante Meg Farquhar
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Meg Farquhar | Leo Burnett
SVP Creative Director

Meg Farquhar, SVP creative director leading multiple Kellogg's brands for Leo Burnett in Chicago, is a talented leader with a background in writing and a passion for creating fearless work that pushes boundaries and gets brands noticed. Before joining Leo Burnett, Meg worked at Energy BBDO helping to breathe new life into one of the agency’s most iconic accounts. She also lends her talents to the pro-bono account, the National Safety Council (NSC). Her most recent work for NSC, “Prescribed to Death,” was been Energy’s most awarded campaign in 2018 taking home seven Lions (three of them Gold), the Designism Cube for Good at ADC, and three D&AD Pencils. (...)

Palestrante Chris Uettwiller
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Chris Uettwiller | Dirty Robber
CEO / Executive Producer

Chris Uettwiller is an entertainment industry veteran from NYC who's headed up production at Greene Street Films, The Orphanage, UV Pictures, and now runs Dirty Robber. He moved to LA in 2000 to help start a visual effects/production outfit for The Orphanage where he served as Head of Production and Development.

In 2004, Chris produced Elton John's Las Vegas show along with several music videos and commercials for acclaimed photographer/director David LaChapelle. He formed UV Pictures with Tom Vaughan soon thereafter. Chris met the founder of Dirty Robber while working on Tom Vaughan’s directorial debut and was asked to join their team in 2012 as Chief Executive Officer. (...)

Palestrante Lucas Reis
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Lucas Reis | Mother
Head of Art and Creative

Lucas is a creative currently based in London. He has worked in the Brazilian, Spanish/European and the UK market.

Palestrante Christopher Neff
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Christopher Neff | The Community
Sr. Director of Innovation

Christopher Neff heads up the Garage, a division within the cross-cultural agency the community, as the Senior Director of Innovation. Beyond tinkering with technology, the Garage, is a creative place to play and invent. This is where big ideas begin and Neff is at the helm of cultivating these ideas. An additional focus for the space is to create ‘for good’ work pulling from tensions that exist in culture. For example, right now they are developing a clinical treatment using VR, working with a Y combinator startup to launch a first of its kind research pilot, and having fun with the heaviness of internet privacy. Also, this year they launched the Bridge Forecast which uses machine learning to predict bridge traffic in Miami (...)

					    			Ximena Aguirre
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Ximena Aguirre | FCB Chicago
Senior Producer

Over 12 years relevant experience producing multi-channel award winning campaigns including print, experiential, digital, photo, video, and social media content. As an award-winning multidisciplinary producer, Ximena built a career on traditional advertising done in nontraditional ways. She produced some of the earliest Super Bowl spots for Michelob Ultra.

Palestrante Lalita Koehler
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Lalita Koehler | Saatchi & Saatchi
Chief Operating Officer

Lali joined Saatchi LA as Executive Director of Integrated Production in 2015, bringing more than 15 years of global production and operations experience to the agency. In her role, Lali is responsible for overseeing Operations, the Production and Project Management department for the 500-person agency as well as the successful rollout of campaigns for clients such as Toyota. Since joining Saatchi, Lali has successfully led the production of many firsts for the industry. To date she’s spearheaded the first ever live TV twitter integration in an ad during Super Bowl 2016, the first and tallest scalable billboard in New York City’s Times Square, the first experiential VR at TechCrunch Disrupt for Prius Prime and the first time an agency produced 100,000 videos from one day of shooting for a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid programmatic campaign. (...)

Palestrante Ali Brown
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Partner/Executive Producer

Ali Brown is Partner/Executive Producer at PRETTYBIRD, a production company devoted to pushing creative and brand opportunities across all distribution outlets. With offices in Los Angeles and London, PRETTYBIRD is home to a diverse roster of filmmakers, creatives, and collaborators producing entertainment that is creatively led and platform agnostic. Brown began her career in the commercial and music video industry before moving over to feature films where she served as Director of Creative Affairs at Spirit Dance, a production company helmed by veteran director/actor/producer Forest Whitaker. Upon her return to advertising, she helped build the newly formed PRETTYBIRD roster and reputation, expanding its reach (...)

Palestrante Tati Leite
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Tati Leite | MPC
VFX Artist

Tati Leite is a visual effects artist born in Brazil, currently based in Los Angeles. Graduated in Computer Engineering from the State University of Campinas, she began her career in image processing and specialised in post-production. Tati worked on a number of critically acclaimed films, including Captain Marvel, 'Ant-Man and the Wasp’, ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’, ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ and Disney’s 'Christopher Robin’ among others. Her last released project is the photorealistic computer-animated remake of “The Lion King”.

Palestrante Tereza Gonzalez
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Tereza Gonzalez | Porta dos Fundos
CEO Diretora Executiva

Tereza Gonzalez trabalha com audiovisual há 30 anos. Ao longo de sua carreira, foi responsável pela produção de 29 longa-metragens e mais de 200 filmes publicitários. Na função de produtora, lançou os longa-metragens “O último dia”, de Domingos de Oliveira e “Contrato Vitalício” e “Entre Abelhas”, de Ian SBF; além de programas de TV como “O Grande Gonzalez” (FOX); a 1ª e 2ª temporada da série “O Negócio” (HBO); o programa de sátira jornalística “Greg News” (HBO), e a série-documentário “Portátil” (Comedy Central) que concorreu ao Emmy International 2017 na categoria de “melhor programa artístico”. Há 5 anos, ocupa o cargo de CEO da empresa Porta dos Fundos, parte do grupo VIACOM. Dessa joint venture, nasceram projetos como as séries “Borges” (Ian SBF) exibida no Comedy Central e na Netflix; “Homens?” (criada por Fabio Porchat), exibida no Comedy Central e na Amazon Prime; e o processo de internacionalização do Porta dos Fundos, iniciado em Abril de 2019 com o Backdoor, canal do Porta em espanhol, baseado no México, que hoje já conta com mais de 2 milhões de inscritos." (...)

Palestrante Vinicius Malinoski
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Vinicius Malinoski | Google
Head of Creative

Vinicius Malinoski está à frente do Zoo, o time criativo do Google especializado em estratégia, tecnologia e conteúdo. Nos seus quase 20 anos de profissão, já passou por grandes agências e boutiques digitais e fez um pouco de tudo: de comerciais de tv a plataformas de e-commerce sociais. Hoje, ele busca usar essa experiência de comunicação para colaborar com agências e clientes e tirar o máximo potencial criativo das plataformas e tecnologias do Google.

Palestrante Manuela Vilela
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Manuela Vilela | Youtube
Head of Top Creators

Manuela Villela está no Google há quase 10 anos, onde passou por times de vendas e gerenciamento de agências digitais antes de aterrizar no universo de conteúdo, liderando o time de Top Criadores e Figuras Públicas do YouTube Brasil. Manuela é responsável por desenhar a estratégia para parceria com os grandes talentos endêmicos da plataforma, tornando seus canais cada vez mais relevantes e mainstream. Recentemente adicionou a essa estratégia a aquisição de talentos off-plataform, sendo responsável pela desenvolvimento de novos canais focados em importantes nomes do cenário criativo brasileiro.